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Naughty Art of N8Dreams

Here I am again! Full of pink yummy goodness and ready to review a new site. This time it's the Naughty Art of N8Dreams and it certainly lives up to its title! Naughty from the first page to the last; art... I had to look twice to make sure. The figures are so realistic that you can almost reach out and hold them, stroking, licking, sucking.... Not that I would ever do such things myself of course but you look as though you would. Personally I'm much too demure for that. In fact it's pretty much what Mr. Stormbringer told me last night. He said, "Demure I shag you demure you like it!" So I must be really, really demure by now!

It's hard to know where to start with describing what's in this site. Everywhere you look skin glistens with perspiration, breasts heave in anticipation or fulfillment, rounded bottoms thrust back invitingly and big, erect, shiveringly realistic male thingies jut out with their urgent demands. Let's not forget the writhing strain of limbs twisting in their attempts to escape chains and ropes. And there are some familiar faces too, if you can drag your eyes that far northwards! A certain Norma Jean is to be found there, and the fabulous Druuna makes an appearance too, every luscious curve of her! Really I've only just touched the tip of the iceberg and I can see you're already drooling, so let's hurry inside and share it all together!

About the Artist
By - N8Dreams -

My work attempts to explore the distinction between the erotic and the pornographic. I am convinced that the erotic is more influential, more stimulating indeed, than what we usually think of as pornographic. Are the details of a sexual experience erotic? Stimulating, to be sure. But erotic? What IS erotic, and what sets it apart from the pornographic?

In my view, the erotic is multidimensional, that is, it requires input from the viewer, thus heightening the experience, adding a tantalizing, indeed creative, element. The pornographic, on the other hand, is one-dimensional, merely satisfying a voyeuristic impulse; one simply passively "absorbs" what is presented.

Seen in that light, the erotic is much more subtle and, ultimately, more creatively stimulating than the passively coarser (but also stimulating) pornographic.

The art presented here seeks to demonstrate my contention.


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